The co-op space, located in the day center, will provide a calming environment for participants to create as well as explore different mediums and learn new skills. We will be purchasing works of art from unhoused/underhoused artists which will create an alternative to begging as well as provide incentives and recognition to participating artists. 
We are focusing energy on supporting Indigenous artistic practices, as there is a disproportionate number of Indigenous people, and more specifically Inuit, experiencing homelessness in Montreal. With this in mind, we will invite Indigenous professionals to transmit knowledge and lead workshops for community members wishing to practice their own culture.

In close collaboration with Mossy Society, Comm-un acquired a 20-foot tent, intended to become a sculpture workshop during the coldest winter months. We are shown looking for the perfect place to set up the marquee for our inaugural event. Please contact us if you have any suggestions!

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